Under Shadows Demo – Thank You

Well, it has certainly been a long road.  But, at last, I passed my Master’s Defense and launched the final version of the Under Shadows Demo.  I’d like take a moment to thank all of those who supported me through this process.

My committee:
Dr. Dom Caristi – For taking up the role as my project advisor.  It is deeply appreciated.
Chris Flook – For being a friend and mentor throughout my entire Master’s experience.
Chris Marlow – For having an awesome idea to teach Landscape Architecture through game development and for all of your feedback.

A shout out to all the other faculty in the Digital Storytelling program.  It has been an immense pleasure working with you all.  I have learned so much.

The members of the forum at who guided me through a variety of production issues.  A special thanks to Alex Warren for developing the Quest software.

My family and friends who have prayed for and supported me through this long process.

To my wife Lydia.  I love you so much and thank you from the bottom of my heart for bearing with me through this Master’s degree.  It means more than you know.

And lastly to God.  Without you, I have nothing and am nothing.  With you, I am everything I am supposed to be and have everything I am supposed to have.

Thank you for reading!  I’ll keep you posted on what’s coming next.

Play the game at: