Month: July 2014

UPDATE: Under Shadows, Diving Back In

Well, after a few months of job hunting and a complicated move, I’m finally back in a position to work on Under Shadows.  Since the last time I worked on it I’ve learned a lot more about level design.  I’m going to have to revisit the opening level and make some changes.  I think once that’s done the opening will flow a lot more nicely.  Here’s my list of tasks as they stand:

– Rework opening level
– Go over script and fill out incomplete sections
– Develop the second level

Once I have the second level is completed, I’m going to stop production on the game and focus on making sure the script is finalized in all aspects.  After that, I’ll redirect all of my attention towards the paper.  I’m only expecting to complete the first two levels before I have my defense to obtain my graduate degree.  Here’s hoping everything goes well!